Q: Do I have to be good at yoga to come to this yoga festival?

 No way. The goal of yoga is not to "be good", the goal is to "feel good". This festival is for anyone at any level who is interested in trying yoga and who is open to the benefits that the practice can provide.

Q: I've never tried yoga or meditation, but I'm interested, is this the place for me?

Absolutely. We have a variety of classes for you to try out and to have a taste of to see which types you enjoy.

Q: I'd like to try Yoga, but i'm not flexible...

Don't worry. 98% of people who come to yoga are "not flexible". There is only one way to begin and you will not be alone.

Q: i see there are alot of classes, do i have to take them all?

No. We have a variety of classes which allows you to create your own schedule throughout the day. We recommend 3-4 classes per day and plenty of time to rest in-between. The yoga classes are physical and even 2 classes per day can be challenging, so we have other classes that do not require as much physical activity.

Q: is yoga and meditation a religion?

No. You can find a form of meditation in almost every religion, but the practices are not "religious" and are safe for all types of religions. 


Q: I can't concentrate, how can i expect to stay in a meditation class for an hour?

Try and you will be surprised.