Alivenfest was founded in 2015 and the first event took place in 2016. It started with long time friends Cara Van Der Bauwede and Talia Freeman talking about how cool it would be to have a Yoga Retreat on Beech Mountain, a place that they both love. Cara's wheels started turning and fell in love with the idea of having a Yoga Festival in her hometown mountains. She devoted her time to manifesting a festival that would bring people together and help them to "Come Alive" to the greatness within them. She traveled the world finding inspiration for this grand event. Meanwhile Talia, the marketing director of Beech Mountain Ski Resort, worked diligently to prepare the perfect place for the magic to happen. With the support of many lovely like minded individuals, the first festival in 2016 was a grand success.

For 2017's event Jenna Thompson came on board to work her magic finding the right teachers and classes for the festival. Jenna devoted her time to find the perfect combination of local and talented teachers wanting to share their gifts. Also Nevada Jones has added her organization skills and Michelle Lyerly has shared her beautiful visions through the camera lens. 

Together these women are doing their best to make a difference and to bring something authentic to sacred mountains that they love.

We all hope that this heartfelt tradition will continue to spread and grow throughout the years.

Cheers to Alivenfest 2017!